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Your response is your choice

When actions like the recent terror attack in Orlando happen, we begin to fracture a bit: both as individuals and as a nation.  We divide because we become afraid; afraid of the “other,” the “outsider,” the one who is “different.”

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Fun with APRS

There are a lot of ham radio operators who are starting to become involved in the APRS community.  I suspect this has to do with the fact that equipment is now available ready made from the manufacturers and it has

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Good Friday Reflection

I was asked to assist the Spencerport Ecumenical Ministries in reflecting on the seven last words of Christ as part of the joint Good Friday Service.  Below is what I shared:   In his final words, Jesus points us back

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A View from Great Height

Tonight, I attended a dinner and talk at First Congregational Church, Spencerport, NY, with a keynote speaker who is an amabassador of the Sikh community in New York State.  While I have been familiar with Sikhism for many years, tonight

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Baojie BJ-9900

A bit back, I was involved in local ham radio club (Community Amateur Radio Club) and we were gearing up for the annual simulated emergency test (SET).  This required me to set up a 70cm base station – rather difficult

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