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Where is Count Olaf?

So, we made it across the border. That’s where the easy part ends. We were travelling across New Mexico and chatting on ham radio (imagine that), when Kamille made the announcement that we were in “civilization” because there was a

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Where is the Border, and How Do I Get Out of Texas?

When last we left our intrepid adventurers, they were headed out of Amarillo, TX and had been chatting with a long lost cousin on the phone until having to stop for fuel.  Let us look in on the events that

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Because it matters in the grand scheme of the telling of the cross continental move, I need to fill in some blanks about my family.  The picture shows the entirety of my family (back: son Tyler, Mom Wilma – just

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Underneath the Amarillo Sky

I am so sorry that I have not given y’all an update since Little Rock, AR.  Staying at the WalMart and not being able to find my sleeveless shirt really put me off my game. As always, there is more

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I Think I’m on a Roll, Here in Little Rock

I may not be an alcoholic, but there is something about shopping in a Little Rock, AR WalMart that make you think of Collin Raye’s 1994 Hit Single. At any rate, travel was interesting as we finished out TN and

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Where Are They Now?

Our first day of westward travel seems to have gone of largely without a hitch.  Of course, we did go back over the Appalachian Mountains, but we were ready this time and Phasma did an admirable job with them.  We have

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Pics, or It Didn’t Happen….

I WISH I had pictures to back up the yarn I’m about to spin.  There are some, but they are on Kamille’s camera and she has run off somewhere into the North Carolina night. We are moving. I lived in New

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I am an ordained minster.  Although I am ordained in two Christian denominations, I do not hold dual standing.  That means that the two parts of the one holy and apostolic church do not recognize each other as being what

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Good-bye to my congregation

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I bring you greetings in peace and love. Over the past several weeks, we have journeyed together through a difficult period in the story of our Lord, Jesus: he has had to say good-bye to

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Where are we going, America?

When Samuel became old, he made his sons judges over Israel. The name of his firstborn son was Joel, and the name of his second, Abijah; they were judges in Beer-sheba. Yet his sons did not follow in his ways,

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